Kirill Tulin

Kirill Tulin (b. 1989), an artist who lives in Tallinn, is neither an Academy of Arts alumnus nor did he graduate from any other higher school. His strong criticism of institutions is one of the most distinctive traits of his practice. Tulin critiques the role of conventional galleries and other art institutions in the art scene, taking a stand that art in its existing institutional form is dead and a radical rethinking is the only way out. He believes that to continue, art should move into new, hitherto unsettled spaces and take on new unprecedented forms.

The work displayed at the fair, “Dalla resistenza alla nube”, is the third and final online chapter in a project that started in 2016 in collaboration with the Kunsthalle Linz exhibition hall and Konstanet, and in which the artist obstinately subjected both these spaces to his own rules. Aware that the boundaries between virtuality and reality are disappearing for good, he plays with them in an unrestrained, easy way in this work, too. The clouds on display at the fair can be admired “live” at