Discussion: Contemporary photography – the limits and materiality of the medium 

For the younger generation of artists, “photographic art” is not bound to traditionally formatted black and white photographs anymore. Instead, the work of these artists often addresses the materiality and limits of the medium itself. Photoraphic art has expanded from a surface into the exhibition space, which makes these works conscious of the fact that a large amount of their audience can be found online. How do these artists see their relationship to more traditional fine art photography? How do they react to the multitude of platforms available for presenting their work? And is it possible to talk about a new materiality through these works – about pictures in which “meaning” does not lie behind the depicted subjects, but rather within the photograph as an object and material.


Conversation will be moderated by photography artist Paul Kuimet. Participating artists Kristina Õllek (EE), Liga Spunde (LV), Kirill Tulin (EE/RUS) and Aap Tepper (EE).

The event takes place in English.


Telliskivi Creative City

Telliskivi 60a



Kristina Õllek. Screenshot of the online exhibition "WHEN YOU HAVE THE OBJECT ITSELF IN FRONT OF YOUR EYES / konstanet.com" at Konstanet 2016